Anchovy & Sardine Oil

SHAKIN BAIT is an anchovy and sardine based chum oil used to create an abundant chum scent for fishing. This chum will attract both bait and game fish into your area. Use at piers, bays, jetties, kelp beds, offshore banks ,etc.

Environmentally Friendly



Easy to use

5 Pound Jar

10 Pound Jar

Easy to Handle

Shakin bait is used to pre-soak and scent your lobster & crab baits, soft plastics, fresh baits, inshore and offshore trolling lures before fishing.

No Mess: No Blood, Skin or Bones
No Freezing: Keep at room temperature
Economical: No unusable leftovers
Effective: Emulsified Fish Oils


Make sure lid is tightly secured.  Before each use, shake contents for 30-60 seconds or until SHAKIN BAIT oil is completely mixed.

KELP FISHING: Spread SHAKIN BAIT up current to your fishing area.
DRIFTING: Cast 4 ounces of SHAKIN BAIT in front of drift every 25-50 yards.
PIER/JETTY: Sprinkle SHAKIN BAIT nearby every 30 minutes (4 ounces).
TROLLING: Spread SHAKIN BAIT behind the prop wash.  Depending on wind direction and sea current - create slow turn "figure 8" troll patterns for the best "chum line efficiency".