The ideal corrosion inhibitor for all your Saltwater applications.

STOP SALT Application



Our Heritage

Fish Freezing Methods in the 1960's and 70's requires salt brine freezing systems on the tuna seiners and at regional fish freezing plants. This process required massive amounts of rock salt added with water to create a salt freeze brine which then created enormous corrosion problems for the brine pumps, hoists, fish baskets and other equipment. This harsh industrial environment was the birth place of STOP SALT. For over 40 years STOP SALT has been the product of choice for solving tough salt problems.

Environment Friendly                                             Non-Toxic                                                     Bio-Degradable

STOP SALT quickly dissolves salt and salt deposits on most surfaces. Do Not Rinse-STOP SALT will leave a protective coating.

For boats, trucks, trailers, motorhomes and all coastal zone furniture & buildings etc., which come in contact with salt air or saltwater. Use STOP SALT solution in a bucket or tank style sprayer. Brush or spray STOP SALT solution on surfaces thoroughly. STOP SALT quickly dissolves salt and salt deposits on most surfaces. Do Not Rinse or Remove.  STOP SALT will leave a protective coating.

For fishing Reels, lures, hooks, engine parts, scuba gear, pad locks, door handles, boat parts and fittings etc., soak in a bucket of STOP SALT solution for several hours or overnight.

For outboard motors and lower drive units, pour STOP SALT solution in a clean container large and deep enough for your unit to fit - make sure to completely submerge the water intake. Run engine on fast idle until STOP SALT solution begins to exit the exhaust port - continue running the unit for 15 seconds and shut off.

Stop Salt

STOP SALT is safe to use near children, pets, plants and other living things.

Mix 2oz of Concentrate with 1 Gal of water =1 Gallon Solution



8 oz

Ready to Use